fusionAD, is a New Delhi based Designing Studio. It is new venture in designing & printing solutions started in the year 2003, by a group of young professional designers, having rich experience in the fields of Advertising, Exhibition, Website Development, Interactive Multimedia presentations and all kinds of Print Media Solutions.
We have developed and nurtured a strong relationship with various corporate & individuals, by providing quality service in the field of custom design & printing.
Our prime focus is…
To deliver customer service and support at all levels
By doing so, our efforts are to create new relationships and nurturing them with care and dedication with each passing day.
Be it a design solution or fabrication of event or exhibition we do it all.
Core Ideologies
A man is known by its principles, as we strongly believe that the same is true in case of company also. We have certain principles through which we ensure & safeguard the interest, growth and retention for both our clients and employees.
Following the our core ideologies
Personal Accountability
Learning & Improvisation
Good Citizenship
Winners don’t do different thing, they do thing differently. Our offerings & approach are always different from our competitors, which always positioned us as prominently, even when we are walking in the crowd.
Our emphasis is not only understanding & fulfilling the client requirement once, but to build up a rapport along with comfort level, where we can act as an effective team member and can get associated with them for long term.
We work on very strong internal policies and procedures which further gives, an employee platform to develop & perform, enhance their skills & could have sense of security.
We believe in retaining clients & keeping the interest safe, which further contributes to success of the organization.
The process that we follow in general is:
Understanding the business - By identifying the clients requirements, the project scope and depth is been defined, after collecting the various information. We identify key areas to be kept in mind or to be highlighted.
Creation of concept & skeleton of Design - At this stage we brainstorm internally on the various information and generate a concept & guidelines on the basis of which the design is further created, The efforts is to create a design which is aesthetically relevant to industry of client.
Develop - During this phase, we generate options by mapping the brief received by the client with the internal brainstorming sessions & then discussed with the client. After incorporating all the inputs given by clients on our presentation we give them the final product. This further helps us, in giving client the end product which acts as an effective tool towards their organization growth.
Execution - This stage comes in case of events & exhibition. We ensures at every step a higher level of service levels are deployed. Various activities are done beforehand to ensure smooth execution of the project like Allocation of team & responsibilities, preparation of checklist for the various elements, sourcing etc.